The first award for me,and its effect

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Chinese proverb says "Wisdom make their adaptation to the environment ber, such as the form of a water place"

environment is a place where we lived when we respect and guard the environment will also give us life, as well as vice versa, when we damage it then the result will be bad for us as in my previous posting Butiku palace about the "Pregnant women are at risk for swine flu "is a poor correlation between the human impact on the environment, we should respect the environment where we live, as well as our relationship between the man, when the mutual respect that will create a harmonious relationship to one another for one manifestation of it is with our award between more specific to our appreciation of the blogger indonesia one of them is "mas OB" that gives me inspiration and insight in the new virtual world that I know he is giving me this award from a.k.a mas OB 

Meaning Award:

Tutorit Friendship is an award given for the blog / web that inspire you most and very friendly. 

Homework to the Special Friends:

  • Make a post that picture award at this blog for you.
  • Say who provide award along with a link blog.
  • Award a prize this to 10 friends.
  • Visit the blog and tell if there's award for you.
  • Do the same thing as giving award to you.

Special friends:

1. (updated post)


I say thanks a lot for the mas OB already give this award to me, with the hope that this award can always create harmony among his fellow bloggers in Indonesia and can stimulate me to have more ..

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11 Responses
  1. draxc0la

    nice award.. next time i will visit here

  2. franky

    congratulation for you.Hope you consisten ngeblog and keep posting

  3. Flash-Man

    nice blog...
    keep update ya...

  4. Raini Munti

    ad artikel soal gmn agar terindex google g?

  5. Aldrix

    Wah congrazt my fren i hope you will be a better from me . .

    ayo komen-komenan trus biar dpt rank "Top komentator"


  6. AwAnG

    wah pantas sob u dapet award Tutorit friendship. . :D sukses sob. . :D

  7. Stop Dreaming Start Action

    wew... nice post sob..

  8. CentralBorneo004

    comment here,but news ARTICLE IN TOP..
    I have twice.
    congratulation for your first award

  9. Muhammad

    i'm caming bro...nice blog..;;)

  10. gesankart

    wow nice blog bro....

  11. kwangkxz

    Congratulation for your first award, I hope the spirit remains.

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