Pregnant women are at risk for swine flu

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Swine flu more dangerous than seasonal influenza. However, pregnant women have a high risk of being infected swine flu from the community in general.

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Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) U.S., said
that the flu virus increase the risk for more health and safety of pregnant women and the fetus is Pregnancy weakens the body's immune system, so that it is vulnerable to an expectant mother experiencing flu infected when pnemonia. In the patients affected by early flu, infection by flu viruses can also increase the risk of babies born premature
  • Schuchat said, as quoted from MSN, Wednesday (20 / 5 / 2009).

According to the CDCP data, at the beginning of the distribution is as much in 20 pregnant women exposed to a world that is suspected H1N1 virus. But now that number jumped dramatically to 6,000 pregnant women in the world.

Pregnant women and people with asthma problems other health risks that have experienced health complications. However, the risk caused by the flu virus is greater than the influence of other factors.

For that, Schuchat require anti-viral treatment for pregnant women to consume anti-viral drugs such as Tamiflu and Relenza. Both drugs have been proven to reduce and even prevent the occurrence of complications.

more information about influenza and the flu / common cold

flu, known also as the set of common cold symptoms with sore throat are difficult to swallow, sneeze, sneezing, nasal congestion, headache pain, and some individuals experienced cough.

The public often mistakenly take the common cold as the influenza, when, in the name of the wrong because influenza is caused by bacteria Hemophillus influenza. While the flu/common cold virus in sebabkan by rhinovirus, the virus found in over 100 species. Common people in the cold, the body temperature does not mean that an increase, but felt by the individual as a feeling of fever. If the body temperature was measured with a thermometer, not going to increase approaching 38 degrees celsius. Symptoms that distinguish between the main common cold with influenza influenza occurred on the increase in the mean temperature (must be measured with a thermometer) and the taste is weak, limp along with the entire body aches.

Of common cold through the dots of water (water droplets) in the production time of sneezing or coughing, coughing.

Symptoms first felt pain sufferer usually swallow, with the forward-sneezing sneezing. The most weight if it is felt until the emergence of the nose stopped painful consequences in the head.

Coughing does not always appear, because produce meler nose snot. Snot that accompany the common cold in the tropical countries with different nasal mucus production in the country with 4 seasons. In tropical countries with a production start in the nasal mucus usually die before the virus appears that the thick nasal mucus.

In Australia, especially if the occurrence of disease in the winter is usually a thick snot does not signify the end of his life. Frequent nose still choke back after thick nasal mucus. Some people are sensitive to cold, accompanied by snot gore outbreak due to small blood vessel in the nose cavity.

  • This set of symptoms will disappear themselves for 1 week, but the country could reach 4 season 2 weeks. If the symptoms still continue until more than 2 weeks, must be immediately to the doctor because there may be a more severe kind of like the people who have asthma. Also on the people who have bronchitis.

Children of school age who are experiencing a new disease that more often than older children or adults.

This disease is a disease in which sebabkan by rhinovirus which are recovered when the virus itself as the living dead virus is limited (self-limiting disease). Indeed, anti-virus is needed to stop the symptoms of this disease. But as the anti virus has not been found particularly rhinovirus this, then it is only the symptoms that appear are treated if the patients felt disturbed.
Thus, this treatment does alleviate or eliminate simptomatis, kill the virus without it (causative).

Therapy nonfarmakologi

Because his nose is stopped the symptoms felt by most as the result of painful, it can be done to reduce and eliminate the effort of his nose is bunged up. How to breathe in hot steam generated from hot water in the vessel have an instance wide pan / basin, in a few drops of oil with atsiri (oil easy to evaporate), eg mint oil, white wood oil, fennel oil or tea tree oil is the oil vapor generated from the flute eucuptus in Australia.

Therapy Farmakologi

Rational use of drugs that essentially reduce the use of drugs or drug use despite arranged that provide more benefits than the risk of side effects that may arise. Therefore, not all the symptoms that appear on the common cold should be treated with medication.

Use of a single drug in more than suggest that a combination of drugs. In Indonesia the trend is a combination drug marketed increasing because the producers want to market it all kind of disease, but not rational. Vice versa in developed countries such as Australia, the medical staff aware of the drug to a single non-drug combination.

  • Dekongestan nasal

When the main symptom is felt with the choke on his nose, can consume drugs dekongestan nasal. Simpatomimetik medicine is an option to dekongestan nasal. Some of them are fenilpropanolamin (PPA), efedrin, pseudoefedrin, napasolin, oksimetasolin, and xilometasolin. Dekongestan nasal marketed in the form of oral and local (nose spray form). Oral medications are usually active use PPA, efedrin and pseudo-efedrin. While the form of nasal spray is the rest.

However, it also found that the form of inhaler contain mentol, campor, metil salisilat added atisiri pumilio pine oil).

Choosing dekongestan nasal

Some experts suggest farmakologi more than local oral medication / nose spray side effects due to the emergence of rebound effect on the nasal dekongestan the rinithis medikamentosa, the increase in the occurrence of stricture / vasokonstriksi nose so easily stopped at the termination of drug-shaped nose spray.

hopefully people will realize this, and make a healthy lifestyle as a priority for his health

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