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Herpes zoster is often in a person with indonesia-called "dampa" is a disease in which the kan varisela zoster virus infection which attacks the skin and mukosa, this infection is reaktifasi virus infection that occurred after the primary, sometimes the primary infection took place subklinis on the frequency of disease men and women together, more often about the age of consent,

Approximately 20% of people had chickenpox will slowly develop herpes zoster, the virus is active again likely to occur in people with a weak immune system, This includes people with HIV disease, and persons above the age of 50 years, because of this style life that affect our health, please read first before posting it on my collection of health articles so that we know the disease and how to anticipate his return to the active herpes zoster disease lesi new form of permanent relief that lasted approximately 1 to 2 weeks and the shoot is 7 to 12 days, the virus dwells in the ganglion posterior edge and nervous ganglion kranialis.

symptoms that often arises is prodomal systemic (fever, headache, malaise) and local (bone, muscle pains, itchy, stiff, and so forth), after it emerged that eritema in a short time become vesikel (the clear fluid becomes cloudy and gray ), sometimes containing blood vesikel in a hemoragik with herpes zoster, although rare, herpes zoster can be contagious on the nerves of the face and eyes. This may cause infection around the mouth, on the face, neck and scalp, in and around the ears, or on the tip of the nose herpes zoster almost always occurs only on one side the body. After several days, a rash or itching on the skin appear on the skin associated with the excited nerve, blister small form, and contain liquid, then broken blister, and herpes zoster cases in which infected at the age above 40 years of post-neuralgia can occur herpetik This is pain that arises in the former areas of healing, can take up to several months and even years of pain vary with the gradation in daily life,

Herpes zoster usually have mild symptoms, but complications can occur, ranging from mild to life threatening that. Complicated herpes zoster infection refers to a disturbance occurs in the patient's immune system or a manifestation of its involvement. In the particular patient, early treatment with antiviral and kortikosteroid may have shown a decrease in duration of disease and to prevent or correct complications,

Complications common herpes zoster is herpetik post neuralgia, the pain of settling more than 1 month after rash healing vesikuler. This complication occurs more frequently in patients aged more than 50 years. Neuralgia may occur herpetik post as a follow-pain that accompanies acute herpes zoster, or may occur following the reactivation of zoster have healed. Pain from neuralgia postherpetik generally decreased in the 6 months. However, approximately 1% patients continue to suffer pain for one year or more.

Herpes zoster can be associated with secondary bacterial infection in the areas affected by rash (usually streptokokus or stafilokokus)

Hepes zoster involving two branches to the nervus trigeminus can cause konjungtivitis, keratitis, ulkus cornea, iridosiklitis, glaucoma, and blindness.

Complications of Ramsay Hunt syndrome (zoster involving the nervus kranialis V, IX, and X) may include weakness nervus fasialis perifer and suffer from deafness.

  • Treatment

Can be provided in the systemic therapy is generally simtomatik, its painful to give in analgetik, if at sertai with secondary infection can be given antibiotics,

antiviral which is normal in a asiklovir since lesi appear in the first three days as the period of this treatment is not effective, the recommended dose is 5 times a day 400 mg for 7 days, a new antivirus valasiklovir and famsiklovir, but in the experiment is complete random and found that valasiklovir better than asiklovir. This experiment to include more than 1100 patients with herpes zoster without complications with age more than 50 years, ntuk patients imunokompeten given asiklovir for 7 to 10 days, or 7 days for the latest antivirus and only need to be drunk three times a day

To indicate the kortikosteroid Ramsay hunt syndrome to prevent fibrosis ganglion, in a prednison 3 times a day 20 mg, after 1 week in lowering the dose gradually, a high dose prednison pressing immunity so better join in with the antiviral drug

tips for the prevention of herpes zoster

There is research that indicates that the vaccination of older people with the chickenpox vaccine is much stronger than the normal children can be used to improve the type of immunity that are considered necessary to fight the virus, the researchers hope that this increased immunity will reduce the risk of herpes zoster, one of which is Zostavaks a vaccine against herpes zoster vaccine, already approved in the U.S.

change your lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle because it is better to prevent than treat

medication review

name drugsasiklovir
DescriptionReducing the length of lesi simtomatik. Indicated for patients who ONSET rash appear in 48 hours. Patients treated showed reduction in pain and healing of skin lesi faster
Adult doseImmunocompromised adults: 800mg PO every 4 hours (5 times / day) for 7-10 days; alternative: 10 mg / kg / dose IV or 500 mg/m2/dosis every 8 hours
Dose of PediatricsImmunocompromised children: 250-600 mg/m2/dosis PO 4-5 times / day for 7-10 days; another alternative: 10 mg / kg / dose IV or 500 mg/m2/dosis every 8 hours

Historical hipersensitivitas
InteractionProbenesid or part-time zidovudin extend and improve toksisitas Ssp
PregnancyB - risk to the fetus is not yet known in humans but has been shown in several studies on animals

Concern for people with kidney failure or with the delivery of drugs other nefrotoksik

name drugsFamsiklovir
It is a prodrug, that if you biotransformasi then actively metabolit, pensiklovir, can prevent DNA synthesis or replication of virus
Adult dose500 mg PO every 8 hours for 7 days
Dose of PediatricsNot specified

Historical hipersensitivitas
InteractionProbenesid or simetidin can improve toksisitas; increase bioavailabilitas digoksin
PregnancyB - risk to the fetus is not yet known in humans but has been shown in several studies on animals

Concern for people with kidney failure or with the delivery of drugs other nefrotoksik

name drugsValasiklovir
DescriptionIt is a prodrug which quickly changed to asiklovir before using antivirusnya activity. More expensive, but the dose more convenient than asiklovir.
Adult dose
1000 mg PO every 8 hours for 7 days
Dose of PediatricsNot specified

Historical hipersensitivitas
InteractionProbenesid, zidovudin, simetidin memperpanajng or part-time
PregnancyB - risk to the fetus is not yet known in humans but has been shown in several studies on animals

Concern for people with kidney failure or with the provision of medicines nefrotoksik other; associated with the emergence of hemolytic uremic syndrome

stop lifestyle that is not healthy

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    @nunung subarja : The use of antibiotics is not recommended because it is not bacteria, but there are signs of secondary infection from bacteria.
    Asiklovir generally accepted with good body. But sometimes cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, feeling thirsty, decreased appetite and pain kepala.Efek addition to this are individual and not all people experiencing it. Need for vigilance is also harassment perderita kidney condition and lack of fluids (dehydration) because the condition can asiklovir content in the blood. Ultimately increase the emergence of side effects.
    always with a healthy lifestyle from the core of prevention is good, thanks, and you make a successful

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