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  • About Cancer.pdf

After over half a century of chemotherapy research, cancer remains one of the
most difficult life-threatening diseases to treat, a consequence of factors that
include limitations of animal models, tumour diversity, drug resistance and
the side effects of therapy. Although there have been successes, most notably
in treatment of testicular cancer , chemotherapy can currently still offer
only a modest increase in survival time in the majority of advanced disease
cases . The incidence of cancer is increasing due to ageing populations in
most countries, and it has been estimated that in 20 years time there will be
20 million new cancer patients worldwide each year . An optimistic view,
however, is that in the coming decades advances in prevention, detection and
treatment will see cancer becoming considered not as a fatal but as a chronic
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  • About Plants That Fight Cancer.pdf

This is a book about the most fearsome disease of modern times, which will strike every fourthncitizen of a developed country sometime during his life: cancer. It is not a book about the preventionnof cancer, but rather its treatment with plant-derived chemicals. It is an up-to-date andnextensive review of plant genera and species with antitumor and antileukemic properties thatnhave been documented in a strictly scientific sense. From the layman to the medical expert, thenbook is addressed to people seeking information on novel opportunities on disease therapy innorder to make decisions about care programs. Purpose-wise, the book is written in colloquialnstyle.
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  • About The Cancer Handbook.pdf

The Cancer Handbook is a major new reference work that provides a comprehensive overview of cancer,nbiology and medicine. All aspects of scientific and clinical information in cancer research and medicine arenexplored in this expansive resource for a wide audience including medical and life science students, as well asnresearchers, scientists and clinicians in the cancer field and related biomedical areas.nThe Cancer Handbook bridges the gap between the basic science of cancer and clinical diagnosis andntreatment providing the ¡®horizontal connections¡¯ between all major areas of cancer research. It stands outnfrom existing oncology textbooks and reference works in that it focuses on all general aspects of cancernresearch. Over 100 chapters cover fields including: molecular basis of cancer, causation and prevention,ndiagnostic and investigative procedures, systemic oncology, pre-clinical models, and the treatment ofnhuman cancer. Highly structured and cross-referenced, this work has been written with an emphasis on claritynof style, with plenty of diagrams and data redrawn in a consistent and accessible format.
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  • About ABC of AIDS.pdf

By December 2000 there were 17 538 adult and paediatric patients with AIDS in the UK and 43 774 screened and infected withnHIV. Many of those with the virus are well, asymptomatic, and even unaware that they are infected, but others, although they havennot yet developed AIDS, have physical, psychological, social, and occupational problems and require as much care as those withnAIDS. We therefore need to be concerned not with “a few cases” but with a large number of people infected with the virus, whonwill be making demands on every part of the health and social services. New infections will occur, and the public health educationncampaign will need to continue. None of us should feel that the problem of HIV infection and AIDS is unimportant and that it willngo away because of the campaign and the possible magic bullet of a cure or vaccine.nWe can all hope for these things but it would be a mistake to be lulled into a state of inertia and complacency. All of us will benconcerned with AIDS for the rest of our professional lives. This book, originally written as weekly articles for the BMJ, attempts tongive those doctors and other health care workers, who currently have had little experience of AIDS and HIV, some idea of thenclinical, psychological, social and health education problems that they will become increasingly concerned with.nPatients with HIV infection and AIDS spend most of their time out of hospital in the community. Admission is required onlynwhen an acute clinical illness supervenes. General practitioners and domiciliary and social services do not always feel skilled andnknowledgeable enough to look after them. With the increase in the number of cases, the community services will have to be ablenand willing to cope. Again, I hope that this book will help to make people feel more skilled and comfortable about caring fornpatients with HIV and AIDS.nThis is the fifth edition of the ABC of AIDS; each chapter has been updated or rewritten [[.. ..]] FREE

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