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In my previous posting that discusses whether laringitis and is in the range of my posting this time I will try to discuss about acne or call it in the usual pimple for one of my friend's very problematic with this relationship and cause my friend is thin with a friend other, and many young people who also have a similar case, now we simply

Acne vulgaris (whelk) is a skin disease due to inflammation chronicles folikel pilosebasea commonly occur in adolescence with a clinical picture komedo, papul, pustul, nodus, and the cyst on his predileksi.

predisposisinya factors can occur due to genetic, racial, ultra violet rays, air humidity, temperature, psychological, hormonal, infection of the bacteria Corynebacterium acnes, Staphylococcus epidermidis albus et, pityrosporum ovale et orbiculare, oily skin

patogenesis it happens because the free fatty acid made from trigliserida cause turbidity in sebum and sebum increases cause clog its channel pilosebasea reaction and inflammation in the surrounding areas that are often in a komedogenik, changes in the pattern keratinisasi folikel, excessive sebum production, and increased flora folikel also related patogenesis with the disease,

    • acne can also be in the grade

Erupsi akneiformis: This occurs because the drugs such as medication kortikosteroid, INH, barbiturat, yodida, bromide, etc. clinical erupsi can be papul in various places without komedo, emerged suddenly, sometimes in sertai fever.

Acne rosasea
, there eritema and telangiektasis in the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead, and there is no komedo, factor it is hot food or drink

Dermatitis perioral
clinical form eritema, papul and pustul around the mouth with the itching

can be treated:

  • Topikal

Irtan material: resorsinol (1-5%), salisilat acid (3-5%), vitamin A acid (0,025-0,1%), sulfur (4-8%).

Antibakteri: tetrasiklin 1%, eritromicin 1%, klindamisin 1%, 2.5% peroxide benzoli

  • with systemic

Antibakteri: terasiklin 3-4 times a day 250 mg, klindamisin 2 times a day 150 mg, linkomisin 3 times a day 500 mg

: estrogen 50 mg / day for 21 days

and there is also from indonesia with aloe vera (lidah buaya) because we should love our country, how to:

Take a leaf Lilah, and Farming to be cut in several parts. Then slices of skin outside the visible part of the meat and the mucus is white, in a oles in the pustule appears, If you are diligent enough to do every morning and evening or before bed, I hope you can dry out pimple and lost in 3 days.

can also get rid of acne in a way


of sebum by ekstraktor komedo electricity or surgery, injections and surgical frozen intralesi, skin care hygiene, diet and the need for

hopefully can be useful for all the buddy, and always with a healthy lifestyle

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    I think when we get a acne...we must to notice about food what we eat too...

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    thank commentary on the Companions,. indeed we should remain the focus with a healthy lifestyle, for the prevention of disease, success for all of comrade

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    i like the traditional treatment. I've just known that aloe vera can cure acnes.

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    Man,...I hate acne...

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    wow....rare....Alhamdulillah I dont have acne....Insya Allah in my post, We can know how to care our acne...

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