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Laringitis is inflammation or swelling on the vocal korda. He caused a raspy voice or voice loss. There is some reason to bring this problem. Most of the case is lightweight and can be treated at home only. However, if the loss of sound development, it may be caused by something more serious, you need to see doctor to get treatment immediately.


Bakteria virus or bacteria is a common cause that often lead to Laringitis. The other reason is too much talk, sing or scream too strong, smoking or rejection of the stomach asid rise to the top. They are strong drink alcohol or smoke can get Laringitis that chronicles.

Symptoms include lost his voice, tingle in the back of the throat or having problems to swallow, fever, feel tired, sore throat and cough. This situation will become more serious if you continue to smoke, drink alcohol or breathe dirty air.
SOLE custody

  • Do not speak if not necessary. If you need to speak, with the tone bercakaplah slowly. Do not whisper and elakkan with strong and often.
  • Drink lots of warm water, tea, lime juice. Hot water mixed with honey is very good drink.
  • Rinse with warm salt water (dissolve a
  • Do not smoke
  • Information places the smoke and cool
  • Inhale wap mentol may relieve the situation.
  • Use up the air, especially in the sleeping chamber. Make sure equipment is cleaned every day.
  • Use cough medicine to treat a dry cough

this treatment is simply to relieve simptom / simptomatik.obat antibiotics are needed if symptoms are caused by bacteria bakteria.

immediately to the Doctor If ...
  • Difficult for you to breathe
  • Increased body temperature
  • Voters more you become hoarse from a week
  • Bloody throat and feels your pain
  • You feel that something big clog in soft collar you
  • Laringitis apply after you inhale toxic smoke
  • There was among the children due to a strong cough.
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