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For friends who do not link exchange with this blog. Let's link exchange .. In addition to a friendship between fellow bloggers. This can also improve the ranking and position us in the blog search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others

For the comrade who want to exchange links. Please copy the code below into your blog let me know via the comments. After that I will soon install a link or your banner here. Thank you ..

Banner Link

Butiku Palace
Teks Link




FROM:Aikido, Way Of Harmony


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20 Responses
  1. yHuS_dCc_X

    bannerku da muncul sob. thanks ya :)
    salam knal n mat berteman..

  2. Panca

    Ok link kamu udah sy add, check it out

  3. goceng

    link sudah terpasang...coba cek dech....

  4. dini

    oke trima kasih yaa :)

  5. Lina
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  6. Flash-Man

    sob kok cuma banner aq aza yg disimpan??? Klo bisa Link aq jg donk...titlex "Belajar Animasi Flash"...
    oh iya link n banner anda uda terpasang rapi diblog aq..makasi

  7. ritz

    @all:terimakasih sobat sudah berbagi
    @flash-man:link sudah terpasang slhkn cek kmbli,tnx

  8. Awal Sholeh

    saya udah pasang bannernya

  9. Ad4m San™

    sob tolong rubah link lama ane menjadi tolong ya sob atas kerja samanya thanks ^_^

  10. Ad4m San™

    sob tolong rubah link lama ane menjadi tolong ya sob atas kerja samanya thanks ^_^

  11. ritz

    @Ad4m San™:dengan senang hati sobat,sudah saya rubah..
    salam persahabatan..

  12. willy weblog

    Sob,sebelumnya maksi bnyak yah..Link qm dah qu pasang qo sob..yhx yah sob..jgn lupa mampir-mampir ya sob..sukses selalu sob

  13. rozy

    sudah saya add mas

  14. ritz

    @rozy:terimaksih sobat,mari kita jalin telisilatrhim sesama blogger INDONESia...

  15. Dekorasi Taman dan Ruang

    nice blog...!

  16. sda

    sudah di link balik, cek di blog friends [B]


    Good Blog, i like it. Kl mau download software gratis, e-book gratis dan game gratis langsung aja ke

  18. Life is Wonderful

    nice blog bro .. :thumbsup:

  19. Blog Fbycom

    wah thanks ya

  20. M3Y

    mas gan link kamu udah aku add, silhakan cek di

    ^_^ add link balik ya mas gan

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