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Medication is an important component in most of the health effort. And with the increasing needs of the service mike caron demanded that health services can provide information on health and the quality, fast and professional.

In line with this, drugs that required information can be used as a reference of quality and can be accessed quickly without spending a lot of time.
Software "INDO" will meet the needs of more than 4000 drug information circulating in Indonesia based on the brochure and insert from the manufacturer, include: Name and manufacturer of drug trade, the composition, dosage, indication, kontraindikasi, attention, side effects, drug interactions, and packaging .

CD software is very suitable for the medical (doctor, pharmacist, nurse) or profession-related drugs, and even the general public. So I need to open the go-MIMS open or ISO, just installed in the computer, go the name of the medicine, jreng Bim salabim detail info information come out that we want the medicine.
INDO software consists of 4 items:

Trade Name Description
Loading trade name and drug manufacturers, the composition, dosage, indication, kontraindikasi, attention, side effects, drug interactions, and packaging.

Indeks Trading Name
Loading various trade names of drugs circulating in Indonesia for an active substance

Security Indeks Pregnancy
Security category includes drugs that include; A, B, C, D and X to the fetus.

Parameter Farmakokinetik
Loading Parameters Farmakokinetik essential medicines, which consists of: T1 / 2, Kel, Vd, Fel, f, EPB, pKa, mec, ura, dose, frequency of use, and Tmax.

to order by email to:

with the number of orders, the address order, and the cost has been transferred

goods will be sent immediately after the cost of goods transferred to the account:
Bank Rakyat indonesia
a / n rizkon arisandi

Rek no: 098601001680508

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    Rp80rb anda akan memperoleh manfaat ttg berbagai macam obat beserta terapinya.enjoy!

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